Foundation Series Tactical Nylon Suite

Missions evolve. The ability to adapt is critical. Success or failure – sometimes even life or death – it can all hang in the balance. At Blackhawk, we’re proud to introduce our new Foundation Series, a suite of MOLLE-compatible nylon tactical gear that provides the elite modularity, quality and comfort that can make all the difference.

Standardized split-bar buckle connections. Interchangeable placards and MOLLE pouches. Extra touches you’ll fully appreciate when it really counts. Whether on the range or in the field, our Foundation Series lets you gear up per the precise needs of the current mission. Then quickly reconfigure for whatever comes next.

Introducing the All-New Foundation Series Tactical Nylon Suite

Missions evolve. The ability to adapt is critical. Success or failure – sometimes even life or death – it can all hang in the balance. At Blackhawk, we know all too well about having the right gear and the best gear.

Foundation Series First Line Gear | Gun Belt

Lightweight, low profile, tough and comfortable. These, among others are some of the best words to describe the Foundation Series Gunbelt. Blackhawk Brand Amabassador Tony Sentmanat discusses the Foundation Series MOLLE Gun Belt and why he loves it.

foundation series first line gear

Foundation Series MOLLE Gun Belt

Lightweight, low-profile, tough and comfortable, the Foundation Series Gunbelt provides a secure, all-day platform that’s perfect for professional use or active range training. The base layer is constructed of rugged, double-layered scuba webbing. The backbone of the system, this webbing delivers exceptional support and gear stability in any environment. The outer layer features an over-sewn laminate nylon with laser cut MOLLE accessory mounting interface. The interior surface is sewn with male hook to mate with your Foundation Inner Belt.

Available in four different sizes.

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Foundation Series Inner Belt

Simple yet robust, the Foundation Series Inner Belt interfaces directly with the Foundation Series Outer Gunbelt by way of hook-and-loop. The exterior surface is lined with loop, serving as a comfortable trouser belt. When the need arises to don your Foundation Series Gunbelt, simply mate the hook portion of the gunbelt with the loop portion of the inner belt to create a fast and secure marriage between the two.

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foundation series inner belt

Foundation Series Second Line Gear | Plate Carrier + Chest Rig

Blackhawk Ambassador Tony Sentmanat discuses the difference between plate carriers and chest rigs and the advantages the Foundation Serious brings to any mission.

Foundation Series Chest Rig

There are times when wearing armor is overkill – but you’ll still need mission-critical items at the ready. The Foundation Series Chest Rig uses the same placard mounting interface as the Foundation Series Plate Carrier, so you can quickly and efficiently move items between the two platforms. Each Foundation Placard (sold separately) has side loops for rapidly attaching split-bar buckles when using the chest rig. This pulls the load to the body, keeping it secure even during dynamic movement.

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foundation series chest rig
foundation series plate carrier

Foundation Series Plate Carrier

Armor carrier systems have always been a balancing act between strength, weight and modularity. Until now. The Foundation Series Plate Carrier uses leading-edge fabric technology to deliver a highly modular armor carrier system that's lightweight and ready for any mission. With fighting gear, every ounce matters. At just one pound (without armor), our Foundation Series Plate Carrier helps you go farther, longer, faster and stronger.

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Foundation Series Placards

Foundation Series Placards offer a variety of options in carry methods and can be easily configured to suit your needs. Each placard comes with split-bar female side-release buckles that fit our Foundation Series Chest Rig harness. To use the placard as the front flap for the Foundation Series Plate Carrier, simply remove the buckles. Every placard in the series is quality-built with the following features:

  • Rugged 1000D/500D laminate Material
  • Lightweight and low-profile laser cut design
  • Heavy-duty loop with backing for added security
  • Side (Female side release) buckles are removeable for use from Foundation Chest Rig to Foundation Plate Carrier
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foundation series placards

Foundation Series Third Line Gear | Accessory Pouches

Convenient but not cumbersome. Secure but also accessible. Designed to easily attach to any of the Blackhawk Foundation Series platforms, these versatile pouches put essential items – from magazines to first aid essentials – at your fingertips when you need them. And keep them safely out of the way when you don’t.

Foundation Series Mag Pouches

Foundation Series Mag Pouches are available for 5.56, 7.62 and for pistols. All of the Foundation Series Mag Pouchess were designed to easily attach to any of the Blackhawk Foundation Series platforms and conform to the body of the magazines or other similarly sized items for a secure fit in a lightweight and slim package.

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foundation series mag pouches
foundation series folding dump pouch

Foundation Series Folding Dump Pouch

Low profile dump pouch that stores neatly out of the way and is ready at moment’s notice with a pull of a quick release strap. Once deployed our folding dump pouch provides ample storage for empty magazines, spare ammunition, or other mission essential items.

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Foundation Series IFAK

The Blackhawk Foundation Series IFAK features a QASM surface bukle that holds the contents securely and ambidextrous/one-handed access. Once deployed, the IFAK's internal pouch lays flat or can be hung for easy access. The internal elastic holds a variety of first aid supplies.

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foundation series ifak