Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about BLACKHAWK!® products. Discover what other BLACKHAWK! enthusiasts have asked us and how it can help you.

Q: Where can I purchase BLACKHAWK! products?
A: To purchase BLACKHAWK! products, please visit an authorized dealer in-store or online. Use the Dealer Locator to find a store in your area. 

Q: I need to order parts for my BLACKHAWK! product. Who do I contact to find out which parts I need?    
A: Please complete the Contact Us form and a Customer Service member will be in touch with you soon to address it directly. 

Q: You currently do not make a product that I’m looking for. Will you be making it in the future?
A: We get a lot of requests for new products and pass these requests on to our Product Development team for consideration. Please complete the Contact Us form and a customer service member will be in touch with you soon to address this with you directly. 

Q: How can I discuss a new product idea with a BLACKHAWK! representative?
A: We welcome innovation. The world is full of bright people, with great ideas, and we are looking to create new paths to work with potential partners. With collaboration, good ideas become reality. With this in mind, we offer a path for uniting our resources with your innovative ideas so that we all can benefit and provide consumers with cutting edge products. This simple process allows you to reach out to us as we gather, evaluate and select game-changing product ideas and technologies that fit our mission. For more information, please visit

Q: Why don’t you offer holsters for every make and model of weapon?
A: The fit of our holsters are designed to match specific weapons. One holster won’t fit every model or user. We offer holster options for right- and left-handed shooters. Visit our Holster Selector Tool to find the right holster for you!

Q: I searched your website and used your Holster Selector Tool, but still can’t find a holster to fit my weapon. Now what?
A: We are committed to designing and manufacturing quality gear for all disciplines. As new firearms are introduced, we evaluate our new product introductions to meet the needs of our customers. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please complete a Contact Us form and our team will review.

Q: Do you offer custom embroidery?
A: Yes. Please visit our Contact Us section to learn more about or OEM program.

Q: What is Tencel?
A: Tencel is a man-made fiber that's constructed with natural cellulose found in wood pulp. It's fully biodegradable and has a low impact on energy use and natural resources.

Q: Why do BLACKHAWK! Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable shotgun stocks not work on my semi-automatic shotgun? 
A: The spring plunger that extends into the stocks of some semi-automati
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