Stache™ IWB

How many holsters do you own?
How many are in a drawer or closet, never to see the light of day again?

Those days are over.

Stache IWB - Now Available

Introducing the most technologically advanced, modular concealed carry holster system that was designed never to be seen, the Stache™ IWB. Designed by concealed carriers for concealed carriers, the Stache™ IWB holster system is the ultimate solution for everyday carry, out-performing the design and material limitations of Kydex®.

The Holster that Means You’ll Never Leave Your Gun at Home Again

Legions of concealed-carry holster makers promise to deliver comfort, ease of access, security for the gun, ambidextrous utilization, and a host of other pie-in-the-sky options—and almost none of them deliver. You know as well as we do, if a holster doesn’t truly work for you—or the next one, or the one after that—you’re likely to give up carrying and leave the gun at home.

No more. Blackhawk's Stache™ IWB holster delivers on all the promises those other have made.


Comfort. Security. Flexibility.

Tired of inside-the-waistband holsters that chafe, are painful to wear when seated, and often end up being pressed too tight against you to allow for a sure and fast draw? The Stache™ IWB solves the material and design constraints found with Kydex® by utilizing a cutting-edge, impact-reinforced, injection-molded polymer that provides:

  • All-day comfort, whether it’s -10º to 110º, whether it’s 100% humidity or Arizona dry, and whether you’re sitting, kneeling, bending over, or standing up.
  • A true ambidextrous design, without sacrifice in performance. Carry on one side mirrors carry on the other. That repeatability supports muscle memory and your training regime, putting your gun where you need it, when you need it and how you need it.
  • The perfect degree of rigidity. Your gun stays put without rubbing, digging, or making you wish all day long you’d left the gun in your safe.

The Stache at Work: Designed for Concealed Carry by People Who Carry Concealed

Blackhawk Product Manager Justin Hoffman walks you through the brilliant simplicity of the Stache™ IWB. He explains how the Stache came to be, saying, “As a certified firearm instructor of many years, I’ve taught hundreds of skills, tactics and concealed carry classes, and I’ve seen thousands of holsters. Some work, most don’t, and the really bad ones are downright dangerous. Stache™ is the result of working through all the problems so many CCW holsters have, and fixing them.”


Stache™ IWB Mag Carrier

This magazine carrier’s injection-molded, impact-reinforced polymer construction will withstand a lifetime of EDC.

  • Use the integrated, passive-retention adjustment screws to tailor the magazine carrier’s friction to your preference. These same screws also provide a seamless mounting point for the popular aftermarket Discreet Carry Concepts Gear Clips™.
  • The included appendix-platform accessory wing lets you join your magazine to your existing Stache™ IWB Base Model and create your own appendix platform.
  • The magazine carrier and provided 1.5-inch “J”-Style belt clip are completely ambidextrous, offering maximum versatility regardless of hand dominance or carry preference.

Available for single, double, and micro-sized magazines. Find your Mag Carrier here.


Stache™ IWB Holster Claw

Unless your EDC gun falls into the micro category, you undoubtedly know how difficult it is to keep your gun from printing. That’s even more of an issue with today’s lighting and optics add-ons. Even with the Stache™ IWB Claw Kit, some full size double-stacks may close in on invisibility. Simply swap out the provided leverage pads to tailor the concealment factor of the holster to your wardrobe and watch that “print” disappear.

The Stache™ IWB Claw Kit is adjustable for height and comes with both right- and left-handed claws to ensure maximum versatility. Carrying a full-size gun EDC; maybe even a light bearing configuration? Click the button below and carry with confidence and without printing.

Get Your Stache IWB Holster Claw Here

Stache™ IWB Belt Clips - 1.5"

Your holster’s belt clip has one job: Retain the holster in the pants. Why? Because the gun needs to be secure during carry, and it needs to come cleanly away from the holster when drawn. Some holsters do this job better than others, but the Stache™ IWB 1.5-inch Belt Clip does it best. Designed to work with both thicker, dedicated concealed-carry belts and thinner daily-use belts, the aggressive, wraparound “J”-style design grabs on and holds on—and it does it without damaging your belt. And with its elongated, ¾-inch center-to-center hole spacing, you get maximum versatility without compromising strength and integrity.

Stache IWB Belt Clips - 1.5 here

Stache™ IWB Discreet Carry Clip™ Compatibility Kit

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with other IWB holsters is a rigid approach to design, especially when it comes to the belt clip. Far too many have you working around (or fighting) the holster’s limitations instead of the holster working for you. The Stache belt clip we provide is exceptional as is, but we know it won’t be the choice for everyone, even if the holster is. That’s why we developed a Discreet Carry Concepts Gear Clips™ Compatibility Kit.

This kit provides two sets of rubber bushings and hardware to let you directly mount your Discreet Carry Concept Clips™ to a Stache™ IWB. With these clips, you can use a 1.75-inch belt, tuck your shirt in, or do whatever else you need to go about carrying safely and comfortably. That’s what Stache is about, you and your carry gun working in harmony.

Note, this kit does not come with Discreet Carry Concepts Gear Clips™, only the hardware needed to mount them to your Stache™ IWB.

Get Your Compatibility Kit Here

Stache IWB - Configuration Video

Blackhawk Product Manager Justin Hoffman walks you through setup and configuration of the Stache IWB. Learn how easy it is to tailor the Stache™ IWB perfectly to suit your daily carry needs.