TecGrip® Junk Drawer

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TecGrip® Junk Drawer


The TecGrip® Junk Drawer Holster from Blackhawk keeps your firearm concealed and secure while also giving you a convenient slot to keep a backup magazine. Designed for both civilian and law enforcement carriers, the TecGrip Junk Drawer outer layer grips most any material and keeps your firearm holstered snugly inside your waistband. Thanks to high-density closed cell foam that protects the firearm and conforms easily to your body, the Junk Drawer is also comfortable enough for all-day wear.

  • Allows for left or right usage and the ability to tailor the carry to your desired location.
  • The thermal bonded construction process binds the material together for strength and durability synonymous with Blackhawk's tradition.
  • Use of a gentle laundry detergent allows to user to wash off dirt and debris without damaging the holster.

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